ENDURO World Series – New Zealand

28. March 2015

This year the n8tive factory team riders are going to be in action on race tracks all over the world. And the season has yet started. The early kick-off happened in New Zealand: n8tive team rider Holger dared to tackle the Giant Toa Enduro in Rotorua. The first Enduro race of the World Series in 2015 and a challenge for him from the very first! The trail conditions in the extreme rooty, steep and also very earthy terrain were unreckoned and super intense. Even the transfer stages were physically demanding and very tight, not comparable with those neutral transfer stages of other races Holger competed in so far. However, the top fit local riders climbed up the hills as if there was no tomorrow.


Giant Toa Enduro at Rotorua

So it happened that Holger arrived already exhausted to the first and most challenging stage of the race, with under two minutes to make the start time. What a cr*p. Stages 2 and 3 he started with delay. Exceeding the time window resulted in two time penalties of 5 minutes each. There was no flow anymore. Owing to the Tech Zone & Feed Station after special stage 3, Holger gained time and he was back, just come out of his hibernation. Stages 4, 5, 6 and 7 he raced in time, but beyond riding with precision and rhythm. In the end it was a personal victory, Holger said, in the f*cking hardest competition he entered over the past years: Master 40+ category’s position 35 of 54 registered riders, of which 38 got through this epic opening round, made 70 EWS ranking points.


Holger’s résumé: “A hard nut to crack. Though a great start to the season.” Thick and fast the Specialized SRAM Enduro Series race in Treuchtlingen is going to come. We keep fingers crossed for Laura, Kai and Maik! Shortly after, the n8tive factory enduro team will race the first round of the European Enduro Series in Punta Ala. So get down on your knees and see you then!