NOAX Pedal

Practically everyone starts biking off-road with flat pedals. Why wouldn’t you start using good ones? Plenty of characteristics make a pedal perfect. However, stability and grip are fundamental. Together with our particular n8tive pins the Noax provides safe foot-to-pedal connection. And since they are ace like this, all n8tive flat pedals feature the n8tive pins.

Our pedal for individualists. Unique, efficient and n8tive staff’s favorite since with the Noax we made a constructional difference: Short axle, two ball bearings, low maintenance. The flat high-tensile forged aluminum pedal body lowers the center of gravity, yet provides sufficient ground clearance. The two ball bearings join an ultra short stub axle, supporting radial load properly for instance when striking the ground. Was the impact too hard though, the bearing unit is easy to replace. Also true for the pins: trouble-free replacement because of the hex style head. No annoying Allen wrench fumbling. And damaged pins? No sweat! The hex itself doesn’t get crushed. Even though the Noax pedal is lightweight, flat pedals may weigh less than 420g. Needless to say! But poorly maintained lighter slide bearings aren’t bound to be more efficient compared to the frictionless ball bearings. Plus, the short axle has enabled us to design an unf*ckingbelievable cool flat pedal.



no pass-thru axle

And therefore a flat and phat design.

short axle with two industrial ball bearings

For efficient pedal stroke, minimal friction losses and low maintenance.

internal sealing

Sealed bearings mean zero maintenance. And the axle/ bearing construction prevents unwanted pedal rotation on bearings.

concave pedal body

For wider contact area. Your shoe soles feel well planted! And your power optimally passed on to the pedal.

stiff pedal body made of high-strength cold forged aluminum

Material strength of forged aluminum has proved best compared to conventional cast alloy. The flat design enables the rider to get lower, yet cutting back pedal strikes to the ground.

special pin design

Special designed pins combine both motocross know-how and MTB pedal requirements. The wide support area protects the pin against lateral load and reduces risk of failure. While the 4mm hex head features easy pin replacement devoid of muddy, clogged socket screws, the cone shaped, grooved pin head bites best into any rubber sole and guarantees substantial grip when things get wild.


100mm x 100mm x 10mm (L x W x H)


420g (pair) incl. steel pins


high-strength 6066-T6 aluminum, cold forged


gunmetal (grey), black, green (team edition)

polished & anodized surface


trail, all mountain, cross country


replacement pins available in silver or black

industrial ball bearings, short axle

Item Numbers

NOAX Pedal black – 150033BK

NOAX Pedal grey – 150033GR

NOAX Pedal green – 150033GN

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