n8tive Pin Set

When it comes to flats and grip, typically it’s about the pins. That is why we put extra love of detail and standing motocross know-how into our n8tive pins. And since they perform great, yet the pedal sometimes snatches up the shin, we do have a less biting option available as well. Apropos, the n8tive Multi-Tool Maxi 4mm spoke wrench perfectly tightens pins.

The special designed n8tive pin features a wide support area protecting the pin against lateral load and reducing risk of failure. Using a 4mm hex socket wrench the pins are easy to replace devoid of muddy, clogged socket screws. Also true for damaged pins: trouble-free replacement since the hex itself doesn’t get crushed. The conic shaped, grooved pin head bites best into any rubber sole and guarantees plenty of grip when things get wild, yet not too strong penetrating and prolonging life span of your footgear. Two options available: conical sharp head or less biting flat head. Each in black or silver color. Set includes hex socket wrench.


M4 thread for 4mm hex wrench




black / silver


n8tive flat pedals and other flats with M4 thread pins


set comes with 40 pins incl. hex socket wrench

conic pin head, sharp maximum grip / flat pin head, less biting

item numbers

Pin Set 40 pieces M4x4 sharp – silver 150063 / black 150064

Pin Set 40 pieces M4x4 flat – silver 150065 / black 150066

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