7. June 2017

Trail Trophy | Latsch | 2.06. – 4.6.17

The Trail Trophy series started of in Italy as usual. The pretty area around the city Latsch is not only famous to ingrained bikers. With its 300+ sunny days a year it attracts tourists from all over the world. This years regulations include two new classes: Pro Class and Battle of Brands. Here three riders, no matter if man or woman are judged equally.


Day 1 | Friday 2.06.17

There were three stages, two in the afternoon and the famous TT Night Stage in the evening. The first stage had two intense ramps and a demanding downhill part. Unfortunately, Laura fell in the first stage and lost lot´s of time. But she finshed the stage with small injuries.

On the second stage, the riders fought with the trail and uphill passages. Kai crashed on the second stage, destroyed his wheel and lost valuable time. His team rider Maik came through the stage without crashing but he fought with his cold. The Nightrace started at the castle ruins and went across the sandy split. The floor was dry and a big challenge for all riders to find the center between speed and safety.


Day 2 | Saturday 3.06.17

With perfect weather conditions the day started with some exhausting uphill passages and some varied departures. The trails were still very dry. In the evening shuttle buses took the riders to the next stages. On which Maik and Kai could improve their times from the previous day. All N8tive team riders remained dive-free and unhurt.

Day 3 | Sunday 4.06.17

As predicted the weather was rainy on top of the mountains stormy even. So the Trailtrophy Crew decided to keep everyone save and not ride the first two of three stages of the day. Some of the riders who started early were still taking the lift to the mountain to complete Stage 1. It remained with changing weather and so only Stage 3 could be rode, a trail with varied downhill and uphill passages.



Despite the falls and breakdowns, the N8tive team was able to reach the 8th place. We are looking forward to the TrailTrophy in two weeks in the Harz and remain with kind regards.

Laura | Maik | Kai | N8tive Factory Team