Trail Trophy | Harz | Hahnenklee

20. Juni 2017


Trail Trophy | Harz | Hahnenklee 17.06.-18.06.2017

Round 2 of this years Trail Trophy went down in the bikepark Hahnenklee – pun intended!

Race day was only Sunday, but with seven really cool, mixed up stages of uphill, downhill and bikepark passages. Not for beginners though. The stages demanded a lot. Technique and endurance was needed and lots of it.

To the delight of all riders, the race day started of with great weather conditions. The days before at the training rides it was plenty cold for a June weekend, so the sun conjured a smile on everybodies face on sunday morning. As all Trail Trophy races this one was well-organised. Sadly as severe crash happened on stage 5. Due to the rescue of the hurt rider the stage was closed for 2 hours which caused a delay. At this point: Get well soon!

The n8tive riders tumbled as well – all on different stages. Luckily without major injuries. Finally in the team assessment the n8tive factory team reached position 5. In the sponsored class Laura made despite her crash to rang two. Congratulation! Kai and Maik finished 6th and 10th place.

While we are at placements and distinction: Who says handlebar horns are out? We think it deserves an award to keep up this trend alive. The last rider with those horns: Maik Unruh was given the n8tive award for constancy. Have fun with your new pedals!


We’ll see you at the next stop of the Trail Trophy in Breitenbrunn | Erzgebirge

Enjoy your ride till then!